Pearlyn Sim

Welcome To Earth
Polychromos on Paper
210mm x 297mm
2018 - 2020

On exploitation of animals, and human's hypocrisy.

These are pieces of memories for the future to look back on — a future where no animals have to ever go through such sufferings.

Ever-cascading white liquid
Flowing through and filling up
It is a flood that emptied quick
Sanctioned by ritual,
The insatiability ever grows

Silvery melody fills the space
Within the sacred gated cage,
Lies a flightless little sage
Inescapable fate has had its way,
No efforts can ever surmount this end

People say,
Horses symbolize freedom
Horses are born to race
Like any other animal with an absolute purpose in life,
Running on a never-stopping treadmill
Keeping their heart beating lest it stops
With no intention only end;
The weight that never sheds