Pearlyn Sim

The World On Another Plane
Polychromos and Watercolor on Paper
2020 - 20__

I was standing in the middle
You grabbed my hand
Running, chased by monsters from your dream
You tightened your grip
And said to me
Please, you have to live

Again and again
You wavered down the path
To the darkest days where the brightest sun turns dim
Flickering lights obscured the way ahead
Missteps take a toll
And again and again
Sliding in ever deeper

No space could ever constrain
No time could ever be recovered
Perhaps this is what as all along
As you walked away towards the flashing lights
You raised your hand
And waved

All I was left with was the indentation you left on the seat
A soul that was once there
And again
I remembered the days
The darkest of light
Brightest of the night
You were once there