Pearlyn Sim


Let Us Discover Yet Again

More than just a space of respite and recreational activities, the MacRitchie forest is home to over thousands of species, and one of Singapore’s last remaining forests. Over a period of five months in 2016, Pearlyn documented a total of 50 photographs of various species. In each photograph, readers will get to look out for a ‘hidden’ animal, recreating her experience and journey to discovery in the forest.

The photographs are intentionally muted darker than usual to recreate the rawness of the forest as closely as possible. A torchlight, a tool the artist has used in her journey, is recommended to enhance the reading experience of the book.

An A1 poster accompanies the book with a total of 86 photographs of wildlife found in MacRitchie forest. The photographs are contributed by 25 photographers, researches and nature enthusiasts.

Supported by Noise Matchbox.

First edition, 2017
160mm by 220mm
116 pages
ISBN 978-981-11-3139-4


I’m still dancing, but are you okay?

It's getting more often that I see severely pruned trees along streets, walkways and parks. These trees, otherwise naked, standing in a line like a group of dancers with hips and arms swaying to the rhythm of the wind. Almost bare and fully exposed, we, together, are all dancing till we can.

Print on demand
148mm by 188mm
12 pages

It Is Almost Like A Wonderland: Animals

A collection of 50 animal portraits.

Staring deep into their eyes, and failling into an abyss. An infinite world of unknown and unimaginable outcomes. Deciphering scenarios one after another, articulating a mixture of thoughts and perceptions through observations and conversations.

Same environment, same sights but everything might seem different.

This book is specially dedicated to all sentient life forms.

First edition, 2016
148mm by 210mm
60 pages
ISBN 978-981-09-8754-1

Cats Invade Hong Kong

Small creatures with an attitude as big as our large cities, domestic cats like all other wild city dwellers, are always ready to scour their next hunt. Some loved, some despised, and some are invisible to public eyes. If only they were bigger, gigantic, perhaps, we would see how adorable or terrifying they can be.

Print on demand
148mm by 188mm
12 pages