Let Us Discover Yet Again
A collection of 50 photographs in MacRitchie forest. Each scenic photograph of the forest hides an animal awaiting to be discovered. These photographs are all compiled into a book for sale in stores.

In each photograph, there will be a hidden animal to find. Some animals will be tougher to find than the other, depending on its ability to camouflage and my distance away from it.

The photographs are all muted darker than usual to recreate the rawness and experience of the forest as closely as possible. A torchlight, a tool I have used in my journey, is recommended to enhance the reading experience of the book.

All profits of the book will go to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.
A torchlight and magnifying glass is recommended for a better reading experience.

Comes with an A1 poster.

First edition, 2017
160mm by 220mm
116 pages
ISBN 978-981-11-3139-4

(email pearlynsimhx@gmail.com to purchase)