is born and based in Singapore. Her works are greatly inspired by the relationship between human psychology and the natural world.

Nature has always worked wondrously — in a structured yet organic way. The imaginative painted picture of nature in our heads is presumed but the spark that we all have when we experience nature bodily is ethereal.

This is an introspection — an open dialogue to ruminate.

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Let Us Discover Yet Again (A snippet)

More than just a space of respite and recreational activities, the MacRitchie forest is home to over thousands of species, and one of Singapore’s last remaining forests. Over a period of five months in 2016, Pearlyn documented a total of 50 photographs of various species. In each photograph, readers will get to look out for a ‘hidden’ animal, recreating her experience and journey to discovery in the forest.

The photographs are intentionally muted darker than usual to recreate the rawness of the forest as closely as possible. A torchlight, a tool the artist has used in her journey, is recommended to enhance the reading experience of the book.

An A1 poster accompanies the book with a total of 86 photographs of wildlife found in MacRitchie forest. The photographs are contributed by 25 photographers, researches and nature enthusiasts.

Supported by Noise Matchbox.
All profits of the book will go to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.

First edition, 2017
160mm by 220mm
116 pages
ISBN 978-981-11-3139-4

Downloadable PDF:
Google Drive
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Physical book:
$20, free postage within Singapore


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