It Is Almost Like A Wonderland
2015 - 2016
It Is Almost Like A Wonderland is a series of works set to explore the relationship of nature, emotions, and representations, a natural world built out of interpretations. Each piece features a depicted scenic representing the emotion while the subject story tells.

Unknown to maps and satellites, set to discover a brand new world, a world that I could call my own. Embarking on an otherworldly journey filled with wonder and imagination; desire to seek one that is similar to a Utopia, at the same time, one that is not as perfect.

In a dimension where everything can be different, and all could be made possible without the constrictions and commitments of the actual world. This world is, most of the time, calm and placid, albeit has its ups and downs. Unexpected volcanic eruptions or even strong tidal waves that hit the shores with tremendous force is not an uncommon sight. Disasters do happen here, as I have mentioned earlier, it is not as perfect as a Utopia. It won't be a perfect ending, but it will still be a satisfying one.